• Shannon Brault

Go Vote

It’s been a few weeks since I have been able to physically sit down and write a blog post, but here I am. With school, work, and different activities, I have been booked. Strangely, I don’t know how I’m overbooked, especially since everything is online for me now, but maybe it’s just because I was so used to not having anything going on, and now everything is happening all at once.

This week is midterms… how fun! Usually, my midterms are stressful a week or two before the actual middle of the term, things calm down a little bit, and then they pick right back up, so im in the chill stage right now (not complaining by any stretch of the imagination).

I’ve really been thinking about what I want to write about since I have so much going on, and yet nothing so exciting to write about.

Like many others in this time of COVID-19, I sometimes feel stuck where I am but this feeling has been occurring significantly less than usual. For the first time in a very long time I’m at peace with myself and where I’m at. I’ve had a really hard time adjusting to this “new normal”, and it is still hard every single day, but when it gets hard I think of the quote:

“Wherever you are right now, let it teach you something”

Starting my second year of college completely online, and probably staying completely online for the foreseeable future, has been tough in different ways than I was expecting. It hasn’t been tough in the way that it was when everything first moved online. I have a schedule and a way of doing things that works for me. I don’t wake up wondering what the point of all of it is with this desperate feeling that I should be somewhere else. I just kind of do it. Maybe it’s going through the motions, but I truly think it’s just trying to make the most of everything that’s happening.

I schedule phone calls and FaceTimes with my friends that I look forward to, I’ve been attending virtual concerts with my sister in our living room and dressing up to watch Hamilton. I’ve been reading more than I’ve had time or motivation to in the last few years and I’ve been joining clubs and student groups. While all of this is online and I wish with my full heart that we could be in person, it’s different now than it was in the fall, and I think it’s different in a good way.

I’m so hoping things get better soon and not just for the sake of my “college experience” (whatever that means) but for the sake of the world and everyone that inhabits it. I came here in this virtual space with no particular message in mind, but the simple reminder to vote. There is still a week to vote early, and there is still Election Day to vote safely. However you do it, just do it and vote. It doesn’t solve every problem, but it solves some that we can control.

I’m going to get back onto my regular posting schedule and I’ll have more focused posts to come. For now, have a lovely week, go vote, and remember to be kind to yourself on your own journey of becoming who you are.

Much love,



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